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Who are you denying?

Skin bleaching is reaching a terrifying popularity within the African continent. As nations look to build their economies based on a capitalistic model, it seems the people are chasing beauty based on a European model and the only solution is from a bottle. Young women have begun to use skin bleaching to achieve the fair skin of our western cousins instead of the rich tones of our ancestors.

At the core of this practice is a narrative on the meaning of beauty, worth, and identity. When a woman buys a potion hoping to change her skin tone because she equates fair skin to beauty, it also means that she believes dark skin is less beautiful or cannot be beautiful at all. If she believed otherwise, there would no reason to alter her appearance. It also tells us that having fairer skin is a more beautiful feature, that thought alone elevates an individual with dark skin from invisible to visible after bleaching. In that one act she communicates to others that she does not think she is beautiful, but she also says that her mother is not beautiful, her sister is not beautiful, and all other women of dark complexion are not beautiful by this standard she has accepted. By extension her ancestry cannot be beautiful unless they somehow also have this desired, fair skin.

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If a woman wants to bleach her skin its because thats what the fuck she wants to do ! I tired of the dumbass “self hate” bullshit that comes from people who dont like it. Just cause she wants to be lighter doesnt mean she’s saying someone else of dark complexion is ugly so CUT THE BULLSHIT AND STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS OF WHAT YOU DONT LIKE OR DONT UNDERSTAND. If yall wanna complain about black women bleaching then make sure to complain about other women getting botox, plastic surgery, fake eyelashes, fake nails, and everything else because EVERYONE has their own insecurities and they do NOT speak for someone else when they try to fix their own bodies .

This is a great point, women should have the freedom to do with their bodies what they want. But I guess I would ask, whether a child who wants to do cocaine should be allowed to do it. This example is not to say that women are children but that like children who don’t have all the information about drugs, maybe these women do not have all the information about skin bleaching creams and the society in which they live that tells them that their skin is ugly and therefore must be lightened to be beautiful. If a women were made to feel beautiful in her darker skin like full bodied women are made to feel beautiful because all bodies are different perhaps less women would die from lead poisoning or organ failure from the intense chemical cocktail used to create those creams. We should be careful when we make argument about freedoms because some freedoms are spun as liberties when they actually help us build blissfully ignorant gilded cages within which we oppress ourselves.

I believe this is the first time I’ve seen someone actually DEFEND skin-bleaching as a personal freedom.

My, my, my… What such bliss ignorance can be.

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